Pregnant? New Baby?

Pregnant? Have a new baby? Hire a Labour or Postpartum Doula to make the experince of becoming a new parent a positive & memorable one.

Parenting Stuggles?

Having problems with tantrums? Is your child not listening? Do you spend time getting frustated with parenting? We offer support to parents to help them find solutions for discipline, picky eaters, as well as other parenting stuggles.


Providing Sleep Solutions to exhausted parents everywhere, 24 hours a day.

The Sleep Doula is committed to supporting families through every stage and transition of their child's life from birth to age 10.


The Sleep Doula team is comprised of professional caregivers who provide physical, emotional, and educational support to parents 24 hours a day. We pride ourselves in our ability to solve a wide range of sleep issues for babies, toddlers and children.

Sleep Doula in the News

” Our Sleep Doula, Tracey Ruiz gave me my brain back. Now that I can think, I can’t think of a greater gift.”

Naomi Klein, author



"I am a firm believer in kids developing good sleeping habits and was really struggling with my son when he was 5 months old. He was feeding on demand throughout the night and I was exhausted. I hired Tracey to help and was impressed with her ability to help him self sooth while maintaining a very kind and compassionate demeanor. Tracey installed calm into our house and made us extremely comfortable in the process. I would refer Tracey to all my friends and family with great confidence."

- A Client

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