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 Postnatal Services

What is Postpartum Doula ?

Postpartum Doulas are knowledgeable professionals who assist families during the critical period immediately after the birth of their baby(s). They “mother the mother” and offer physical, emotional, informational support, as well practical help to the family. A postpartum doula can support your family during the day or evening. She is there to nurture the family, and give them the comfort and rest that new families need.


Why hire a Postpartum Doula ?

The transition of welcoming a new baby(s) into your family can be both physically and mentally draining, especially due to sleep deprivation and uncertainty about the care of your newborn . Therefore there are many advantages to hiring a postpartum doula including:


  • Increased breastfeeding success

  • Decreased chance of postpartum depression

  • Decreased infant and maternal health complications due to informed care

  • Decreased maternal exhaustion, frustration, and apprehension

  • Increased and earlier bonding with newborn

  • Happier baby due to a greater understanding of your infant’s emotional and physical needs and behaviour.



What can a postpartum doula do for me ?


The scope and practice of a postpartum doula changes from doula to doula. When choosing a doula you should make sure they will meet your needs and expectations including but not limited to the following:


  • Lactation support

  • Infant feeding

  • Help you initiate a routine with your baby(s)

  • Emotional support

  • Newborn care instruction

  • Meal preparation

  • Sibling care

  • Formula preparation

  • Cord & circumcision Care

  • Shopping & Errand running

  • Laundry ( baby & family )

  • Light Housekeeping


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a Postpartum Doula, RN and a Baby nurse ?

A doula provides non-clinical support to the baby and their family. Each doula has a scope of practice that encompasses the whole family. Many families do not need the expense or qualifications of a registered nurse unless the baby or mother has special medical needs. An RN is limited in the kind of support they will provide, unlike a doula, who is there to meet the needs of the whole family.


On the other hand, “baby nurses” are not always nurses, and therefore may or may not have up-date and or effective training. They too have very limited scopes of practice and are normally just interested in the baby’s needs only.


Before hiring support person, make a list of what kind of care and attention you think you may need, I.e. newborn instruction, housekeeping, meal prep, sibling care, etc and find the right support for you.


We are having multiples ( twins, triplets & more ), can a postpartum doula help?


Of course! Families of multiples need our support more than anyone. Raising multiples is a 24 hour, 7 day a week, responsibility. Having multiples is a major life adjustment for everyone in the family. The doula will help the whole family transition during this very difficult but exciting time. The doula will be able to share with you many different techniques for better sleep/napping routines, eating patterns, etc. that have worked with other families of multiples.



Our baby has special needs, are postpartum doulas able to assist us ?


Our doulas at Birth Solutions have worked with many children with special needs including Cleft palates, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, breathing problems, reflux and other feeding problems. If the parent is able to meet the needs of the child without the use of a nurse, than a doula would be able to assist you. We will try our best to find a doula to meet your needs.



What kind of support does a postpartum doula provide at night?

Doulas who provide night support usually arrive at your home around 10 pm and stay till 6 or 7 am. They do similar things to what a doula does during the day, but also works on getting the baby into to a good sleep pattern, and most importantly gets you some well deserved rest. Overcoming sleep deprivation will allow you to be more patient and energetic, therefore being able to better enjoy your new bundles of joy. Our clients are always pleased to wake to a clean, organized home, with sleeping baby(s), and coffee already brewing.



What kind of breastfeeding support do postpartum doulas provide ?

A good portion of a postpartum doula’s training is breastfeeding support. They can assist you with the latch, positioning, and many other breastfeeding difficulties. If they are not able to help you, they have many different professional contacts and resources that will. It has been researched and proven that by having a doula support you, breastfeeding success comes much easier.



I do not plan on breastfeeding can I still expect support from a postpartum doula?


Our doula’s support all new families and respect their choices. Just because you are not breastfeeding doesn’t mean you still don’t need support. Doulas can help you with formula preparation, feeding techniques & schedules. Doulas are a valuable source of resources, and will help you transition during this most important time.



How long should I retain the services of a postpartum doula?

The duration of a postpartum doula’s time in your home will be your decision. Normally it will depend on your needs and finances. Some families use our services for only a week while some use our services for up to six months. At Birth Solutions we understand that most people don’t realize their needs until the baby(s) is here.



When should I reserve a postpartum doula ?

Birth Solutions represents some of the most in demand postpartum doulas. They come with a tremendous amount of experience and glowing recommendations. To ensure the broadest selection of qualified doulas to meet your needs it is never to early to start your search. Allow yourself time to find the right doula for you.


However, if you suddenly find yourself needing support at anytime after you’ve given birth, do not hesitate to call. Birth Solutions will do our best to meet your needs.


Once you have decided to contract one of our doulas, a deposit will be required, due to the fact that she will become unavailable to anyone else during your requested time.



What kind of training and qualifications do Birth Solutions Doulas Have ? 


All Birth Solutions Postpartum Doulas have taken postpartum training from either Child Birth And Post Partum Professional Association (CAPPA) or Doulas Of North America (DONA) both reputable certifying organizations. They are also certified in Infant CPR and other related continuing education credits. Some of our doulas hold multiple qualifications including RN, RPN, and other accreditations from outside of Canada.



What makes Birth Solutions the best choice for Doulas ?


Birth Solutions doulas have been carefully screened and chosen. All of our doulas have completed training and are expected to stay as current as possible by taking continuing education. All doulas have taken and passed Police checks, and signed codes of conduct and standards of practice. The doulas Birth Solutions represent all have a “touch of magic” when it comes to working with your family. During our relationship with you we will request honest feedback to ensure all your needs and expectations and the needs of future parents continue to be met. Birth Solutions also provides back-up support in the rare case your doula becomes ill or your needs become more than expected and extended care is required after your initial contract ends.



What is the typical cost range of a Postpartum Doula ?

The average salary range for a postpartum doula is between $32-35/hr depending on the doulas experience, your needs, and your location. Many of our doulas work holidays and will work additional hours as required.


Do you offer Labour Doula Services?

Absolutely! The Sleep Doula is actually the birth child of Birth Solutions Inc that provides solutions to all your prenatal and postnatal needs incuding childbirth education clases and labour doulas. To learn more about our labour doula services click here.


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