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The Sleep Doula is the birth child of Birth Solutions Inc., which is committed to supporting families through every stage and transition of their child’s first 10 years.


The Sleep Doula team is comprised of professional caregivers who provide physical, emotional, and educational support to parents. We pride ourselves in our ability to solve a wide range of sleep issues for babies, toddlers and children. Our philosophy is to educate parents, in a non-judgmental way, on the many different options available. We will assess each family’s individual needs and from there create an effective sleep plan.

Meet the Founder

Tracey Devine Ruiz

Tracey Devine Ruiz is the founder and Chief Executive Shusher at the Sleep Doula. Tracey is a certified birth & postpartum doula, and trainer. She is a childbirth educator and certified Happiest Baby Instructor. She has provided night support to hundreds of families in the last 15 years mainly during the night. She has helped more than 12000 familes find the right solution for them.


She believes in supporting families with informed choice, and supporting the parent’s right to choose what is right for their baby and them. She understands the desperation of sleep deprivation, as her own two children, provided her with personal experience.


Tracey enjoys consulting and working with parents to get them some well deserved rest. She has extensive experience with multiples, and high risk situations. Tracey is also owner of Birth Solutions Inc and has been featured in a variety of media. She is a regular on the Global Morning Show but also has been seen on other media outlets including Breakfast TV, Marilyn Dennis, Living in Toronto, Globe & Mail, The Star, Sweetmama, New York Times newswire, Parent Central, MSN Lifestyle and a variety of others.

What Our Clients are Saying

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