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Parent Support

What is Parent Support Services?

Sometimes parenting can be one of the most diffcult jobs we have, and sometimes having some experienced support can make pareting easier. We provide parents with different options to fixing some the parenting challenges we struggle with. 

What type of services do you offer for parenting?


  • Parenting Consultation – We will do an individual one-on-one consultation with you and your partner, where they will assess and evaluate your pre-filled questionnaire. We will help you prepare  offer you tips on effectively implementing the plan. The consultation also includes 2 weeks of follow up phone and email support. 

  • In Home Support Visit– Setting limits with your child can be emotionally & physically exhausting. A the doulas experience provides confidence, and assurance in the process, and allows for less stress for all involved. 


What kind of Parenting Challenges do you assit with?

  • How to deal with temper tantrums

  • Implementing limits and disciplne 

  • Setting limits with meal behaviors eg. picky eater or will only eat with tv or ipad on

  • Children who hit others

  • Fighting between siblings


What is the best age for your service?

We help familes with children as early as 18 months to 10 years dpending on the childs understanding. It is important to check with your doctor, that there is no medical reason for your child’s behavior isues.


I think my child has anxiety issues, can you help?

We would first suggest you contact you child's doctor and discuss if there is any medical concerns with your child's behavior or if they just feel it is behavioral. Once you have the go ahead it would be our pleasure to work with you. 



I thought you only helped with sleep issues?

Although we mainly focus on sleep issues with families we have found that many of our clients were continuing to call us for support in helping with parenting their children. They were looking for different options as well as non-judgemental support to help them set limits and be able to follow through hence the birth of Parenting Support Services. 



How much does parenting support cost?

Our main package is a in home consultation with you and your partner that will incorperate your child . The package also incudes 2 weeks of follow up phone and email support. The cost is $450



Do you help with Potty Training?

We can offer some strategies depending on the problems you are having and different ways to implent.

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