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Sleep Consultation 


A Sleep Doula will do an individual one-on-one consultation with you and your partner, where they will assess and evaluate your pre-filled questionnaire and sleep log. They will help you prepare a sleep plan, and offer you tips on effectively implementing the plan. The consultation also includes 3 days of phone & email support.



Phone consult – $400

In-home consult – $500  (within GTA ) *additional cost for milage outside of GTA ( GTA includes Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Thornhill, Oakville, Georgetown, Woodbridge, Maple)


More than one non-sleeper

Twins – additional $75 for consult, and extra $10/hr for in-home support.

Siblings – $150 per additional child for consult

New Baby Package: 

Have a newborn? Sleepless nights? Learn helpful techniques to get the most sleep out of even the fussiest of infants. This in-home consult will provide new parents (newborn babies to three months) with coping strategies to get through the first few months of parenthood and help encourage healthy sleep habits. Consult includes:

1. Personal consultation with hands-on demonstrations
2. A second consult via phone to review (30 min) and make a second plan to be used once your child is four months (or up) to end of the first year
3. Three days of 24-hour phone support to be used once your child is four months ( and up) to end of the first year to assist in implementing any sleep training practices.
Cost $500

In Home Support 

Teaching your baby to sleep through the night can be emotionally & physically exhausting. A sleep doula will do the sleep training along side you, or for you, ensuring the sleep plan is implemented effectively. By having a Sleep Doula implement the sleep plan for you, the doulas experience provides confidence, and assurance in the process, and allows for less stress for all involved. Cost: $100/hr (8hr minimum per day)

Have you completed a consult with us but need some extra support to make more changes or to stay on track? Our extended and comprehensive packages may help:

Additional five follow-up or support emails/calls (15 min max) for days 3 to 30. (Calls or emails to be returned within 8 hours of being received): $150


Additional ten follow-up or support emails/calls (15 min max) for days 3 to 90. (Calls or emails to be returned within 8 hours of being received ): $250

24-hour support for days 3 to 10: $200

New sleep consultation for returning client (with same child or a sibling): $325


Sleep Retainer:

This Package is for clients who have used our services and would like to continue to have non-judgmental, on-going support from their Sleep Doula for the next few years (up to age four). The client can phone or email their doula from 7 am to 7 pm to assist them through the variety of developmental changes that may affect a child’s sleep. (Examples: transitioning your child from the crib to a bed, after traveling, during time changes, after being sick, or just during those developmental or physical changes they all experience at different times. Limit of 10 emails or calls per month. Total cost: $1600 per child, for use up to your child’s 4th birthday (Note: can only be purchased in conjunction with previous consult).

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