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Early Risers - Please Go Back to Sleep

Is your little one up early enough in the morning to wake the staff for the Morning Show?

Would you do anything just to get a extra a hour of sleep in the morning ?

Not even a rooster is up at that hour, and neither should any child or parent. As a Sleep Doula with the most recent time change its a perfect opportunity to get a child back on track, and get back those early morning hours and do what they were designed for ...Sleep!

Here are my 5 tops tips for early risers

  1. Keep your child's room dark.It doesn't need to be a cave but light will affect your child's wake up time, black out blinds or room darkening curtains are a great way to prevent early wake ups.

  2. Don't discount your child's sleep. Many parents think that if they keep the kids up late they will sleep longer into the mornings. This is not the case, and may actually work to your disadvantage.

  3. Don't respond to early wake ups with feeds or engaging interaction.

  4. Use visual tools especially for toddlers so they understand when they can start their day.

  5. Back to basics,put your child down fully awake.

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